Together Against Breast Cancer

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

Improve the lives of people suffering from breast cancer through education, support services, and an accepting community.

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Who We Are:

Our local Rochester, USA-MN nonprofit organization seeks to improve the lives of immigrants and minorities suffering from breast cancer. We assist in providing an environment where patients and their families are supported by their community, medical personnel, fellow patients, and survivors. We value compassion, dignity, and impact.

We are proud to partner with other area organizations to strengthen the support for our community.

Our mission is in three-parts:

Our mission is in three-parts:

Provide culturally appropriate education on breast cancer & its warning signs.

Identify and support medical & counseling resources.

Create a supportive community that values the dignity, worth of breast cancer patients and their families.

Our Core Values:

Our Core Values:

Our core values are compassion, dignity and impact.


The organization recognizes that, while compassion cannot be taught, it is something that is felt; it reflects empathy felt by breast cancer patients for each other and by their family members for all breast cancer patients; it conveys a sense of the humanity and value of each person with the disease.


The organization emphasizes a patient’s right to lead the cancer battle with dignity; patients shouldn’t be diminished because of their challenges or reduced to unworthiness. Breast cancer is hard enough for all women without added stigma and undignified treatment.


The organization values making a difference in people’s lives by providing education on breast cancer, creating a dialogue about breast cancer in the community, linking patients to care facilities while providing physical and emotional support. Impact of these actions will be documented on an ongoing basis.

What We Seek:

What We Seek:

Our vision is to assist in providing successful treatment of breast cancer patients in an environment where patients and their families are supported by their community, medical personnel, fellow patients and survivors.

What we need:

Volunteering your time is the most powerful donation you can make to help us raise awareness, education, and support to improve the lives of women being affected.

Please contact us or submit the form to find out how you can help.

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Our Objectives:

  • Provide useful, updated, and culturally appropriate education about breast cancer, including the types of breast cancer, its signs and symptoms, when to seek a doctor’s advice, how to advocate for patients (self and others), etc.
  • Encourage early detection of breast cancer by teaching women how to conduct breast self-exams and to observe any changes in their breasts that are of concern.
  • Destigmatize breast cancer so that we can talk freely about the disease, leading to a shift in the perception among certain populations that breast cancer is a death sentence.
  • Connect patients with breast cancer survivors for advice and support.